Away and blogging (again)


Triple Crown winner American Pharoah
 Hello, again. Thanks for joining me in my new blogging adventure.
Barn 6A will be a combination of what my old blog used to be: a focus on Churchill Downs Inc., the thoroughbred industry in general and, of course, my efforts at handicapping (I’m picking this American Pharoah horse in today’s Haskell Invitational. I hear he’s pretty good.)

It won’t have the Kentucky politics that the old blog had since my day job now is related to politicians and I need to keep that separate. 

What I hope this forum has more of are personal stories and views about the industry and sport that I love to follow and love to analyze.

For example, the name of this blog: Barn 6A.

My father owned claimers when I was a boy. Our trainer was C.R. Mitchell. At Churchill Downs, he was in barn 6A. I learned a lot about racing there and arguably never left, figuratively at least. (Mitchell is retired, Dad hasn’t owned a horse in decades, and, I believe, it’s Bernie Flint’s barn now.)

I get a little nostalgic when I drive or walk by now. It was a nice starting point for my love of horses and, now, about 38 years later, for this Barn 6A blogging adventure. 

Thanks for reading. (And don’t try to beat American Pharoah.)


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