Historical horse racing’s best month in Kentucky

Kentucky Downs historical horse racingBoth Kentucky racetracks with the slot-like historical horse racing game saw record months in July, giving the state its best month yet and the biggest year-over-year gain since January 2014.

The state’s record $40.52 million wagered on historical horse racing increased 29.31 percent over the previous July and beat the previous best mark of $36.12 in March.

Kentucky Downs, the Franklin track that saw declines after installing the Encore Gaming brand of historical horse racing, set a record of $34.44 million, up 27.4 percent over the prior year and beating its prior best of $31.76 in March.

“When you offer your customers such a cutting edge product that takes their experience to a level of fun and reward that was previously unattainable, you would expect to see a large increase in business,” Kentucky Downs General Manager Nick Hughes said in a statement. “But even we are staggered by the success and acceptance from introducing Encore to our players.”

Ellis Park in Henderson eclipsed the $6 million mark for the first time, getting $6.07 million, up 41.37 percent over the prior July and beating its previous best of $5.17 million in May.


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