Fake news fakes out racing news site

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-10-31-18-pmHorse racing isn’t immune from fake news.

The phenomenon that became the news of Facebook and, to some extent, the recent presidential election also got the best of a leading thoroughbred news website and content aggregator this week.

The Paulick Report published a story from medium.com about a supposed Fork to Mouth restaurant set to open in Louisville and sell horse meat.

Some commenters noted that the story was a fake and, by Friday, it had been removed from the Paulick site, but not before many other commenters responded about how awful this was and with disbelief. Google searches of the supposed restauranteur and supposed restaurant named show nothing to confirm the existence of anyone behind the name.

Earlier in the week, a fake story on the medium website erroneously said IKEA was coming to Louisville. That story got enough attention on social media that The Courier-Journal wrote a story about the non-story.

An interesting editorial in the Tampa Bay Times on the issue focused on the dangers it poses to a free society and who is to blame before concluding: “The onus remains with news consumers to vet what they read. That may require venturing outside the information bubble many readers have created around themselves …”

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