Woodlawn, my, Woodlawn

woodlawn vase
Library of Congress photo

Yes, it’s tired, but it’s true. It’s time for the annual reminder by this blog, and in the spirit of its predecessor blog, to remind the good citizens of Maryland that the treasured prize for their Preakness Stakes, the Woodlawn Vase, is a Kentucky prize.

We’ll spare you the details that the cup is named for a defunct racecourse in Eastern Jefferson County and that it once was awarded at Churchill Downs.

We’ll even stop this annual reminder when, if and after the governor of the state of Maryland — who perennially blathers on the Pimlico Race Course cupola about the vase being the most expensive trophy in sports — acknowledges and thanks the Commonwealth of Kentucky for providing said trophy. That acknowledgement being unlikely, expect this reminder again during the third week of May in 2019.

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